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The Weary World

The Weary World is an American rock, blues, and folk rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band consists of Scott Cvecko (vocals, guitar), Larry Barker (vocals, guitar), Scott Moore (bass), and Bill Walbrun (drums, piano).


The Milwaukee Music Scene

The band has been truly enjoying the opportunity to play a number of great Milwaukee music venues. Ginger Walbrun (pictured above), their guest vocalist, has also joined them for many gigs. Watch our Facebook page for the latest on upcoming events.


Back in the Studio!

The band's first full length CD, So Shines, was released in 2015. The band was back in the studio in 2019, joined by its newest member, Larry Barker, to record a new CD, Middle of the Night that will be released on May 1, 2020.